A bullfighter’s costume does not make the matador, but there is truly no matador, nor festival as understood by the traditional standards, without a traje de luces.


Apart from the traje de luces, matadors use a range of other costumes in other occasions. This is true of the so-called traje goyesco, a simpler and less decorative costume, inspired by the clothing worn during the time of the renowned painter Francisco de Goya. However, it is only used on a few occasions such as the corridas goyescas, the most notable of which is celebrated yearly in Andalusian town of Ronda.

traje goyesco
Traje corto

The traje corto or traje campero, as it is sometimes called, is a particularly beautiful costume that takes its inspiration from Spanish rural working life. It is used during tientas, otherwise known as the bulls" trials of ferocity, and festivals.




The costumes of the great picadores Juan María y Aurelio García stand out amongst the rest. Picadores are the horsemen with a lance that assist the bullfighter. The collection also includes the silver embroidery of the famed Jose Luis Barrero, a banderillero, another member of the bullfighter"s team.






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