Chimeras, trophies, afternoons of success and glory and of tragedy and blood. All this is captured in the hundreds of memories that throng in this room. Bolas charras (a traditional type of jewelry from Salamanca) were typically used for the draw the morning of a bullfight at the bullring La Glorieta. The muleta (a red cape used during the main event) with which the matador Javier Castaño fought against six bulls from the Miura Cattle Ranch in the Roman colosseum of Nimes.


The hat of Valencian photographer Paco Cano, a distinguished graphic reporter that was present during the tragic afternoon in Linares in 1947 when the famous matador Manolete was killed by the bull Islero.



Bullfighting images in the cinematographic archives of Castilla and Leon’s Film Archive.

Bulls in bullring La Glorieta
Anselmo Pérez Moneo Collection

The town of Béjar during festivities
Hernández Reboreda Family Collection

The bull Civilón

Capea, a bullfight with calves

Preparing for the bullfight

Little Sisters of the Poor bullfighting festival
Ángel Esteban Collection

El Viti in Madrid
José Luis Díaz González Collection

Novilladas, a bullfight with young bulls, at Las Ventas (Julio Robles)
Eduardo Ortiz Collection

El Niño de la Capea’s final bullfight
Eduardo Ortiz – Caja España Duero Collection

Festivities in the town of Villavieja

Carnival in the town of Ciudad Rodrigo
Antonio Moro Collection

The Salamanca Bullfighting Museum thanks the owners of these images for granting their permission to include them in the documents the Museum offers and the Film Archive for producing this cinematographic program.

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